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Enrolled IRS Tax Agent
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  IRS Enrolled Agents Can Help You With IRS Tax issues!
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Today the air waves are full of IRS tax saviors. In truth. These are ad campaigns and lawyers looking to capitalize on your current IRS debt. These companies use Enrolled agents to actually consult and handle your matter in question. Here you meet and are actually helped by the same person. Cutting out the middle man.

Mike Vilardi has received the United States Department of Treasury Albert Gallatin Award!

Go direct! See and speak to the man who is personally involved in your case.

  • Penalty Abatement.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief.
  • Payment Plans.
  • Offer in Compromise.
  • File Unfiled Tax Returns.

What is an IRS Enrolled Agent?

Mike Vilardi is a tax professional an IRS Enrolled Agent that represents taxpayers in tax matters relating to the (IRS). Compared to an attorney or an accountant that specializes in tax matters an enrolled agent is imperative to have when dealing in situations concerning IRS taxation laws. Any taxpayer may have an IRS Enrolled agent represent he or her in court. An enrolled IRS agent specializes in dealing with the IRS which is a great benefit. Acting as a legal representative for the taxpayer in related IRS tax collection matters. Mike Vilardi your enrolled agent is accredited which certifies that the agent has proven competence in all areas of tax law.


Reasons to Seek the Help of an Enrolled Agent such as; Mike Vilardi

The IRS can be overwhelming especially when implicating a collection campaign. An enrolled agent such as Mike Vilardi can assist you the taxpayer and help understand the laws and construct a strategy to protect you and your assets in these circumstances. Mike Vilardi your enrolled agent has 22 years of training in these very matters of tax law regulations. Implementing a plan that will help the tax payer run his course through this situation in the most cost effective manner. An IRS enrolled agent such as Mike Vilardi… a 22 year veteran of the IRS is ready to help YOU. You have found the best council in IRS tax law.

Resolution to Tax Issues

An enrolled agent can offer sound advice about many of the solutions to tax issues offered by the IRS. The complexity of the solutions offered by the IRS to deal with tax problems are something that an enrolled agent is highly trained to negotiate. 

The following are examples of some of the resolutions that Mike Vilardi your IRS enrolled agent can negotiate on your behalf.

Mike Vilardi
An IRS enrolled agent such as Mike Vilardi specializes in matters of tax law and is well versed in the regulations and workings of the IRS as well as finding the best possible solution to your tax problems. Because Mike Vilardi has passed both competency and certification to practice, taxpayers have the peace of mind knowing that they are not risking getting “scammed” by the many self proclaimed tax relief agents that advertise their services over the internet.

Meet Mike Vilardi.
Retired IRS Agent of 22 years. Few know more about IRS debt than Mike Vilardi.

  • Served 22 years with the IRS.
  • Is now here to work for you.
  • Protect yourself today.
  • Have an IRS Agent on your side!



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