Mike Vilardi-
Enrolled IRS Tax Agent
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  IRS Enrolled Agents Can Help You With IRS Tax issues!
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Today the air waves are full of IRS tax saviors. In truth. These are ad campaigns and lawyers looking to capitalize on your current IRS dept. These companies use Enrolled agents to actually consult and handle your matter in question. Here you meet and are actually helped by the same person. Cutting out the middle man.

About Us
Michael Vilardi was born in Brooklyn, New York
and grew up on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. He attended Ward Melville High School and turned down wrestling scholarships to other colleges to attend the University of Massachusetts where he obtained a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in management.  Michael is the son of Andrew Vilardi
a 30 plus year retired member of the IRS. Andrew Vilardi taught new IRS agents tax law for years after his retirement at the request of the IRS. Michael Vilardi entered the IRS at 28 years of age and was a member of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division for 22 years. Mike Vilardi has also received the United States Department of Treasury's Highest career service award the Albert Gallatin Award


Mike retired over a year ago and instantly knew he wanted to become an enrolled agent to represent people who have tax issues before the IRS.  Michael has studied tax law since 1984 and diligently studies the latest changes made to the tax code to best serve his clients. Mr. Vilardi has a weekly and monthly radio shows on various internet and public radio stations where he speaks about current tax laws and  various other topics. Mike has also made many guest appearances on the Arise and Shine TV show. Mike Vilardi EA, LLC.,


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